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If after considering these criteria you are still uncertain, choose the place at which you have spent the major portion of your time this year. Check YES if the property is intended as your principal residence, and indicate the date of occupancy or intended occupancy. A claim form must be filed and all requirements met in order to obtain the exemption. Please contact the Assessor for a claim form.

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It is important to complete this section completely and accurately. The reported purchase price and terms of sale are important factors in determining the assessed value of the property, which is used to calculate your property tax bill. Your failure to provide any required or requested information may result in an inaccurate assessment of the property and in an overpayment or underpayment of taxes.

The e-Forms Site provides specific and limited support to the filing of California property tax information. Only property tax related forms are available at this site. No individual data or information is maintained at this site or can be accessed through this site. You can contact your County Assessor by using the counties link. The Assessor in the county where the property is located can provide the best and specific assistance. Menu Cal Assessor e-Forms. Select A Form:. All Forms. Select Your County From Below:. All Counties.

Search for BOE or county forms by entering part or a complete name of the form s you are looking for.

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  • Select "Form's Details" to view form's details for a given county. Previous Next. C,D,E, F: If you checked YES to any of these statements, you may qualify for a property tax reassessment exclusion, which may allow you to maintain your property's previous tax base.

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    A claim form must be filed and all requirements met in order to obtain any of these exclusions. Contact the Assessor for claim forms. NOTE: If you give someone money or property during your life, you may be subject to federal gift tax. You make a gift if you give property including money , the use of property, or the right to receive income from property without expecting to receive something of at least equal value in return. The transferor donor may be required to file Form , Federal Gift Tax Return, with the Internal Revenue Service if they make gifts in excess of the annual exclusion amount.

    G: Check YES if the reason for recording is to correct a name already on title [e. Smith, is granting to Mary Jones]. This is not for use when a name is being removed from title. H: Check YES if the change involves a lender, who holds title for security purposes on a loan, and who has no other beneficial interest in the property.

    Those benefits include the right to use, sell, mortgage, or lease the property to another. A beneficial interest can be held by the beneficiary of a trust, while legal control of the trust is held by the trustee. The cosigner signs an agreement with the lender stating that if the borrower fails to repay the loan, the cosigner will assume legal liability for it.

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    M: This is primarily for use when the transfer is into, out of, or between legal entities such as partnerships, corporations, or limited liability companies. Check YES only if the interest held in each and every parcel being transferred remains exactly the same. N: Check YES only if property is subject to subsidized low-income housing requirements with governmentally imposed restrictions; property may qualify for a restricted valuation method i.

    O: If you checked YES, you may qualify for a new construction property tax exclusion. A claim form must be filed and all requirements met in order to obtain the exclusion. Contact the Assessor for a claim form.

    If you believe the date of transfer was a different date e. If it is not the date of recording, the Assessor may ask you for supporting documentation. B: Check the box that corresponds to the type of transfer. Attach a separate sheet if necessary. A: Enter the total purchase price, not including closing costs or mortgage insurance.

    B: Enter the amount of the down payment, whether paid in cash or by an exchange. If through an exchange, exclude the closing costs. C: Enter the amount of the First Deed of Trust, if any.

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    Check all the applicable boxes, and complete the information requested. D: Enter the amount of the Second Deed of Trust, if any. E: If there was an assumption of an improvement bond or other public financing with a remaining balance, enter the outstanding balance,and mark the applicable box. Amounts for repayment of contractual assessments are included with the annual property tax bill.

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    F: Enter the amount of any real estate commission fees paid by the buyer which are not included in the purchase price. If the property was purchased by some other means e.

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    H: Describe any special terms e. Property rights may include water, timber, mineral rights, etc. B: Check YES if personal, business property or incentives are included in the purchase price in Part 3.

    Look east to San Bernardino County, which saw tax assessments jump 7. Los Angeles County ranked second with taxable property values up 6.

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    Assessments rose by just over 6. San Bernardino County cities likewise dominated in tax assessment gains. Five of the 10 Southern California cities with the biggest assessment gains were from San Bernardino County. They included Rialto up Meanwhile, a back-of-the-envelope calculation shows property tax hikes should be manageable for most homeowners. By Jeff Collins JeffCollins scng. More in Business.