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Search interactive City of Bend GIS map for addresses, parcels, building permits, land use actions, emergency service location, and business licenses. You can also view aerial photos and create your own maps for saving or printing. Search information for Deschutes County Community Development Department's interactive mapping application for property tax statements, sales history, assessments, land use, zoning reports, and water reports.

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Search by account number, tax lot number, address, or owner name. Search Deschutes County rural and urban road maps that include water features and tax lots.

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Search by address, owner name, or parcel number.

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Search by address or map and tax lot.

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Search Polk County property tax and assessment records by address, map and taxlot, or account number. Polk County Assessor Main St. Search Polk County recorded documents such as liens, deeds, mortgages, tax statements, as well as assessment information.

Access is by subscription only. View interactive and static Polk County GIS maps including property assessments, boundaries, elevation, fire districts, floodplains, school districts, and zoning maps, and online access to static maps and geographic information. The Bend-Redmond metropolitan area landed at 9 on the U. This is not breaking news. Still, last year, in a time of record-breaking growth that lands us on nationally ranked charts,.

Deschutes County Commissioners opted to lower property taxes—thereby lowering the per capita amount the County would take in for the coming budget cycle. According to rankings published by The Oregonian in October , Deschutes County ranks 28th of 35 counties in Oregon for its tax rate, making it among some of the lowest in the state. Crook County ranked 19; Jefferson County Deschutes County's budget covers important services that include the Health Department, services, the Sheriff's office, the landfill and the District Attorney's offices.

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More people in the county means more need for services—more space in landfills, more calls to —and more arrests and prosecutions. In a time when the region sorely needs more mental health services and a full-time sobering center, scoring political points by lowering taxes seemed to take a front seat to offering the full complement of services citizens badly need. With all that in mind, it should come as no surprise that the office tasked with handling prosecutions would feel the population growth acutely.

It should also come as no surprise that the DA's office would need more bandwidth to be able to manage the extra workload that comes with adding roughly 35, people to the county in just eight years' time—not to mention an increase of tourists. His office has seen high turnover due to overloaded attorneys experiencing burnout, he said, adding that some cases did not receive the preparation they deserved before trials.

If this continues and he doesn't receive the budget he needs to hire additional staff, Hummel told the Source he'd be forced to stop prosecuting some lower-level crimes. In much of the country, property taxes are calculated according to the approximate value of a home, which is estimated by county assessors through in-person inspections and comparisons to similar, recently-sold homes. That was the case in Oregon until , when voters went to the ballot box to rein in property tax increases. The state's Measure 50 pegged tax bills to property values, plus 3 percent a year thereafter.

In many areas, real home values have risen much faster. In the Portland and Bend metro areas, for example, average home values have more than tripled since In the Eugene, Medford and Salem areas, they're up more than percent. The caps have succeeded in keeping property taxes relatively predictable and far lower than if they rose in sync with their home value -- the price homeowners could fetch for their house. But another result is that Oregon homeowners with similar homes values, or even similar homes in similar neighborhoods, can owe wildly different property taxes.

And in areas with low tax rates, homeowners sometimes pay a far greater percentage of their home's value.