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For instance, a relationship could conceivably be unhealthy or unhappy for both partners, and if therapy convinces both of them that this is the case and the relationship ends, this could still be a positive outcome. Statistically, though, this might look like a failure. Thus, marriage counseling effectiveness is a difficult thing to quantify.

Still, research has been done, as briefly detailed above.

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Other findings from couples therapy data include:. Unfortunately, many couples wait too long to seek help. Citing concerns ranging from cost to uncertainty of outcome, people are often just too hesitant to follow through with such an endeavor. The marriage counseling statistics show, though, that working with a licensed family and marriage therapist is almost always cheaper than seeing an individual therapist.

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Family counseling is also a different field than psychiatry or mental health counseling; as such, its practitioners often are not required to undergo such extensive and expensive education. This leads to lower prices for patients.

Even the end of a relationship can be improved through therapy; without it, divorce can be an ugly, damaging, and stressful experience. These counseling sessions allow for better communication and a way to talk through problems in a controlled setting.

Marriage counseling is often provided by a licensed therapist or psychologist, who works as a mediator between both partners, to help them strengthen their bond and gain a better understanding of each other and the problems they may be facing. Some couples may seek marriage counseling in times of crisis, while others may consult with a therapist for guidance with daily marital issues.

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There are several reasons why couples may seek help from a professionally trained marriage counselor. Some couples may come to a marriage counselor to better understand each other and strengthen their relationship. Other couples who are considering marriage, may come to a marriage counselor for pre-marriage counseling to get a better idea of their compatibility before marriage.

Gross will teach you constructive communication skills, which will enable you and your partner to explore problems as a team and come up with solutions that meet both of your needs during your marriage counseling session. For more information on this subject, please click here for my article "The A-B-C's of Communication.

Gross will help you with a wide variety of other problems and the resulting negative emotions that come to the fore.

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Couples often report frustration, disappointment, hurt, anger, loneliness, pain, and depression due to lack of understanding, diminished affection, loss of friendship, infrequent sex, emotional separation and a general lack of togetherness during their relationship therapy season.

Additional areas of concern may involve lack of respect for partner's opinions or feelings, insensitivity to each other's emotional needs and disproportionate outbursts of anger.

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With Dr. Gross understanding of relationship psychology, he will help you explore, evaluate, and agree upon your respective roles and responsibilities to each other, to children if any, from this or a previous relationship , the day-to-day tasks of living and loving, and making plans for the present and future with each other.

Other problems that bring couples to marriage counseling may center about money, interference from in-laws, anger management, activities of a partner outside of the home, "friend" relationships with ex-lovers or ex-spouses. Gross is very skilled when working with problems of infidelity. One of his specialties is his work with crisis situations such as the discovery of online, or in-person, emotional attachments with a member of the opposite sex, as well as lying and suspected —or admitted— physical intimacy, and the consequent emergence of feelings of shock, betrayal, depression, anxiety, anger, lack of trust and numerous other emotions which shake the equilibrium of the hurt party and sometimes threaten the future of the marriage.

In addition to helping you reduce the frequency and intensity of your negative interactions, Dr. Gross will help you revive your love relationship with exercises that stimulate expressions of praise, and appreciation to each other on a regular basis during your relationship therapy season.

He works with you on exercises that help you reveal to your partner your emotional needs. People marry to increase their happiness, not their misery.

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Nor do they marry to feel alone in the relationship or to spend the rest of their life in frustration, strife, and pain. They want to enjoy life, have fun, and share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences with their spouse in all the complexities of the relationship partner, companion, friend, playmate Spouses want to grow together as they age, not apart.

Gross' goal is to help you recapture the love, romance, mutual goodwill, togetherness, kindness, and teamwork that characterized your relationship at its height, or better during marriage counseling season. This will come about with a greater understanding of —and sensitivity to— each other's needs and increased knowledge of what marriage is all about.

When you express your new commitment and attitudes to your partner by putting into practice various caring behaviors and pleasurable joint activities, you will come closer to your aspired goals with each other, and significantly increase your chances of rekindling some of the magic that characterized the beginning of your relationship. Gross' goal is to help you recapture the love, romance, mutual goodwill, togetherness, kindness, and teamwork that characterized your relationship at its height, or better. This will come about with a greater understanding of —and sensitivity to— each other's needs and an increased knowledge of what marriage is all about.