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Employers often rely on state criminal checks to expand the reach of their pre-employment screening process beyond county lines. This Texas state background check will peruse records stored in the conviction database managed by the Texas Department of Public Safety. At backgroundchecks. Run this report now or See a sample state criminal history report. Texas is no exception. Employers in the state should be aware of these limitations before ordering a Texas background check.

Below, backgroundchecks. Texas does not currently have any statewide ban the box laws on the books.

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In Austin, private employers with 15 or more employees are not allowed to use job applications that include questions about criminal history. They must also delay the background check process until after a conditional offer of employment has been extended to the candidate. Unlike in many other states, employers in Texas are legally permitted to consider arrest records for hiring purposes along with conviction information. The only limitation is employers cannot inquire into arrests or convictions that have been expunged from the public record.

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Many human rights groups throughout the United States take issue with the use of arrest histories in employment situations. Specifically, employers are encouraged to find out whether an arrest led to a charge or a conviction. Because most employers do not have the resources or know-how to look deeper into arrest records, backgroundchecks. Some suggest possibly being able to get a job here with a misdemeanor. This may not be a good employer to apply. US Federal Government: Government positions are frequently being filled by qualified individuals in various departments and at various levels of training.

Most of these opportunities will go to the segment of the population with a clear record.

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Having a felony offense will cause major difficulties in finding a job here, but there may be some opportunity, according to our research. It will take perseverance and a demonstration of the seriousness of recovery. It will also depend on the felony offense, its seriousness, and when it occurred. This may be a place to apply. IBM: As a major company in the computer industry, many job opportunities at a wide variety of skill and training levels are frequently available.

Most of these chances will go to the segment of the population with a clear record. Having a felony offense will reduce the opportunities and create significant challenges. It does appear that IBM hires felons , according to our research.

It will take patience and perseverance in going through the application and background check. It will also depend on the felony offense and when it happened. This still may be a place to apply. Seton Family Hospital: While it can be rewarding and worthwhile to work in the field of health, those with a clean record will have a much greater opportunity for finding work here.

Our research indicates that this is not the same for someone with a felony on their record due to license and certification requirements from the state for many positions that are often denied to felons. A few basic support positions may be possible, but they are still uncommon, and this is not a good place to apply. According to our research, many options in the health field require specific licenses or certification from the state that those with a felony conviction will likely be denied.

A few support positions may be available, but these will still be very limited regardless of the felony offense when it occurred. State of Texas: State government jobs are sometimes available as opportunities for those with a felony conviction. Having a clean record will be a major advantage. Those with a felony conviction will face a major challenge, but some opportunities are available at a variety of training and skill levels. It will depend on the job requirements and the results of the background check.

Of course, our research reveals that the felony offense and when it occurred, along with its severity, will be a major factor. This may still be a place to apply. University of Texas at Austin: Education provides many opportunities for those looking for work. Those with no criminal record will have a distinct advantage.

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It will be very challenging for someone with a felony conviction to find employment even at a secondary education level due to certification requirements that typically eliminate felons. Our research suggests a few support positions may be possible. Amazon: Many job options are available at Amazon for those who are qualified.

Typically, being qualified usually means having a clear record. Having any type of involvement with the criminal justice system, especially a felony offense, will significantly limit chances of being hired here. According to our research, it does appear that Amazon hires felons.

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It does not indicate that Amazon will hire all felons, but they may be willing to consider those who are serious about reentry and who will persevere through the application and background check. Of course, it will depend on the felony offense and when it occurred. This still may be a place to find a job. That said, JobsForFelonsHub.

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