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Also, any land included in a project need not be owned in fee.

The costs of projects that can be financed are limited to capital costs. Working capital generally cannot be financed with industrial revenue bonds. The New Mexico State Board of Finance is the governing body that determines the allocations of the volume cap which is required for an industrial revenue bond [except those for c 3 entities] to be tax-exempt.

For further information on this subject and its procedures, contact the Director of the State Board of Finance at or visit the state website at www.

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The County supports the use of this financing tool as a mechanism to attract industrial or commercial operations to locate in the County or expand existing operation in the County, provided that the policy and procedural requirements of this application packet are satisfied. Real and personal property included in a project financed with industrial revenue bonds is exempt from property tax for as long as the bonds are outstanding, up to a maximum of 30 years.

The property tax exemption results from the fact that title to the project property is held by the County, and the property of a County is exempt from taxation under the New Mexico Constitution.

Top Doña Ana County, NM, elections official resigns amid investigation

The County may require "payment in lieu of taxes" PILT or may shorten the lease term, thereby decreasing the benefit of the property tax exemption. Furniture, fixtures and equipment purchased with industrial revenue bond proceeds for a project is exempt from gross receipts if purchased in the state and compensating taxes if purchased out of state.

Once again, the exemption results from title being held by the County as the issuer. A special nontaxable transaction certificate is required for the gross receipt tax exemption. Building materials incorporated in a project are not exempt from gross receipts and compensating taxes. An additional investment tax credit may be available for manufacturing equipment, depending on the number of new employees related to the project.

Construction is considered services and is therefore not exempt from gross receipts tax.

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From start to finish, the issuance of industrial revenue bonds by a county generally takes approximately days. Ordinances do not go into effect until 30 days after adoption.

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In addition, public notice of the intent to adopt an industrial revenue bonds ordinance must be published at least 14 days prior to consideration. This process takes at least 60 days. These minimum times apply to "self purchases. It is in the public interest that the issuance of industrial revenue bonds be made only after the County has been fully informed concerning the applicant and its current status and future plans; the protection of the County's interests requires thorough investigation of any request for industrial revenue bonds.

The County will use the information provided by the applicant in the industrial revenue bonds application form to evaluate the proposed project in terms of fulfillment of all goals and objectives contained in the County's Industrial Revenue Bonds Policy. The County will consider and evaluate applications for industrial revenue bonds on the basis of the following criteria:. The Board of County Commissioners hereinafter "the Board" reserves the right to deny any application for financing at any stage of the proceedings prior to the issuance of the bonds.

He later became chief deputy clerk.

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He was elected county clerk in and started Jan. The private investigator interviewed several county employees about the complaint between Feb.

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As that investigative report neared completion in recent weeks, Krahling took a less public role, letting his new chief deputy clerk, Lindsey Bachman, become the public face of the office. She attended several meetings in Krahling. Early and absentee voting begin that day as well. House in addition to other state and local races. It will be up to the commission to appoint someone to replace Krahling.

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Keep in mind that on top of those crimes, there were also minor crimes not included in our stats. On a per capita basis, Dona Ana County ranked nd for violent crimes and th for property crimes. You can also see criminal and court records for other New Mexico counties. Run a Background Check.

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