Joseph farah speaks about birth certificate

On page 15 of the initial petition, it makes reference to Orly emailing the California Secretary of State on October 25, TMG22 : Excellent article, Loren. I actually tried a week or two back; I ended up not getting reached when they only managed to get through two callers in half an hour.

One time went so badly for Boyles, my segment was cut out of the online podcast mp3. Loren, do you have the reference to where Corsi admitted that he had not spoken to any Obama relatives. That seems the one specific detail missing form the article that would tie it in a final beautiful bow. He may or may not have discussed it online or in interviews, but he confirmed it directly to me three times by email, first on July 18, where he mentioned the McRae affidavit and then said:. They shut you out completely?

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He personally wrote three WND articles about his Kenyan trip in mid-October , and he gave several print and radio interviews. And in NONE of these was there ever a mention about him talking to or directly procuring confessions from Obama relatives. Indeed, if you revisit those interviews, you can almost pinpoint the date when Corsi went Birther.

He served as an underling editor in the last days of the L.

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Farah lasted less than 18 months and rather than saving it, assured the demise of the once great Sacto Union newspaper. His brief tenure was comprised of one embarrassment after another. A real joke. Unfortunately, anyone can call himself a journalist, even someone who lacks credible credentials. But I do think we make a mistake to refer to him as such. The other one being clearly misleading headlines. I have a recollection of reading a narrative long ago that it was Gary Kreep who introduced Taitz to birtherism.

Taitz had been engaged in some pro-Israel activism the year before and she somehow got to know Kreep. He asked her to play a minor role in the Keyes case and the rest is history. Given the dimness of the memory, it could be significantly wrong. There is a comment at The Fogbow that Kreep recruited Taitz, but no details. The OC Weekly has an early interview with Taitz that details her origin story and, not surprisingly, seems to do it better than a similar early WND profile. She wrote some letters to local papers, one of which published her letter.

Someone who read that letter called and asked Taitz to speak about her personal immigration experience at an upcoming meeting of the far-right California Council for Immigration Reform.

I thought that worked only for superheroes, whereas villains usually get transformed by something they built themselves. I rather see Orly as some kind of Doctor Octopus, fused with her dental chair or something. It is certainly not surprising that a birther was caught lying. The only truthful birthers are the ones that are not intelligent enough to see the scam. Birtherism is akin to a cult religion.

Like all cult religions, its leaders are lying, evil con men who prey on the misguided, disenfranchised, disillusioned people, who are easily duped out of money. One of my fondest wishes is that the high priests of this cult religion are prosecuted for fraud. OF course all this presumes WND regards itself as journalism rather than science fiction. I often am left wondering from what planet Farah came from. There must be a new, soon to be released WND book just around the corner March? Nothing would surprise me. Northland10 : Election year for the House and Senate?

Jerome Corsi will not be traveling to Canada to gather fake documents anytime soon.

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Loren did a good job on this — Farah really is a shameless liar. Terry K. The link to Barackryphal at the beginning is broken, Doc. Just thought you might want to correct that.

2012 GOP Convention: Birther Interview

What Farah demands from Obama is that the president set aside the United States Constitution and embrace the Bible some imaginary version none of us have ever seen but which is apparently used by religious zealots like Farah in its place. Navigation Home. Berg to byline book about Obama.

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Keith January 30, at pm. CarlOrcas January 30, at pm. Loren, Good piece. Any thoughts on what has prompted Farah to return to Birtherstan? Anyone else getting this error on some of the links?

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Yoda January 30, at pm. Conspiracy January 30, at pm.

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Sorry about that technical problem copying the article. It should be OK now. Jim January 30, at pm. They double down, and accuse the President of the United States of perpetrating a fraud on the world by having released a forged birth certificate. Not because this claim is in any way based on reality, but to hold their terribly gullible audience captive to their lies, and to sell books. This is despicable, and deserves only ridicule. Hell, even the president has a sense of humor about it all. According to the Complaint , after the blog post, consumers began requesting refunds and bookstores began pulling the book from their shelves, or not offering it for sale.

After holding that the anti-SLAPP act applies in federal court, it held that the blog post was protected satire on an issue of public concern, thus dooming the defamation claim.

Farah v. Esquire Magazine, Inc. –

It held that the same defense applied to the remaining common law claims, which all stemmed from the allegedly defamatory blog post. Finally, it held that the Lanham Act claim failed because that statute applies only to commercial speech, and the blog post was not commercial speech. Boulter , that the statute conflicted with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and thus could not be applied in federal court. Finally, if the DC Circuit holds that the anti-SLAPP statute applies in federal court, because this will be the first appellate review of a successful anti-SLAPP motion, it will provide the DC Circuit with an opportunity to articulate the appropriate standard of review in such circumstances.

See, e.

Trump Adviser: Even If Long-Form Birth Certificate Is Genuine, It Doesn’t Prove Anything

Menounos , Cal. Maine Democratic Party , 66 A. This is a question of statutory interpretation and thus requires de novo review. At the second step of the anti-SLAPP analysis, the court must determine whether the non-moving party has met a burden of production by way of its pleadings and affidavits. De novo review is appropriate here, as well. When a court reviews pleadings and affidavits, rather than live testimony, no deference is required and de novo review is appropriate.

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