Name change after divorce in ohio

In I was married to my husband before his divorce was final. I have used his last name all these years. We live in FL but were married in Ky in I have his last name on my social security card they issued me one with the new name without any proof , its on my drivers license, everything but my birth certificate. I am getting worried now. I am scared that everything could come back to haunt us. He is already drawing SS. Are we in big trouble? How do we fix this? If we go to get married, we have to put my maiden name on the papers, but all my proof of identity has my husbands last name on it.

I have been separated from my soon to be exhusband since the beginning of October. I am in the process of filing the papers for our divorce I want to change my name back to my maiden name before filing for my divorc. Is this something I can do and if so how much will this cost? I am currently unemployed and would really like to rid myself of my exhusbands last name as soon as possible. Question: I changed my name via common law 25 years ago.

BUT it does not match the name on my birth certificate which now causes me problems. Once this question is answered I can file! According to this article you should just use the name you want to be known by, especially if you have already legally changed your name anyway.

I understand what your saying.. Your legal name needs to cover all document… I have the same issue from I. I thought my i. My birther certificate is still the only thing differant. I think to physicaly have the name changed on your birth certificate would be this. Your obviouly already done all thats said on the site to just go ahead…use the name and it works…for 25 years.. But the birth certificate.. I think court may be the only place, So call you local clerk of courts and just tell them your situation and inform them…YES, its a legal name change by common law and S.

Honors it, Your state I. Is that name on those??? Im sure it wont cost anything if much at all.. Write the notice to the court as you stated you would above and ad on your own a photo copy of your drivers license, state i. The clerk of court presented with that much evidents may have you fill out a little form…take it all to the judge and do it for you. Try it…Oh.. I have the same problem — how did you get the documents notorized? I have nothing to provide my birth name on birth certificate since I used common law name since I was 7 years old.

I had a name change just an additional surname-my step fathers in san diego in originally through the courts. Unfortunately, In my professional career, my fathers name has been more of a hinderance than helpful in any way. My birth certificate was never changed just my ss card can I change my name back with the ca dmv and soc. Security office without filing it in court.

Or possibly just amend it to drop my second surname? Without having to pay Is this possible? So if I want to use my middle name as a first name Drop my first name as i dont use it except on legal signatures I go by my middle name wich i want to Be my First Name.. Middle Name: Common law adopt the name of my dead older brother wich is a family name pasted down for centuries..

How does it work to get a drivers license…S. According to my mother-in-law, their lawyer at the time said that they just needed to establish him under that name, i. HELP: Where do we start? What does he need to do? Funny how he can serve his country and pay federal and state taxes under the current name but has to jump through hoops to prove he is one in the same as the guy on his birth cert! This happened to my best friend too. What does she need to do? We are in Oregon. Shannon, I never got feedback from this site so I put my question in to another legal site. If I get a response, hopefully with a solution, I will let you know.

This is regarding divorce laws. He has remarried and theres a lot of money at stake. Should I get a lien on the House? Also, he grossly lied of the values of the vehicles so he ended up with the classics and I got the broken down junk that he valued as high as his. I almost gave it away. Never happened. Can I change the judgment when re-newing to show the actual value of the assets, as well as include items he deliberately left out ie tractor we purchased for 45k?

Reverting To Maiden Name

Please advise. Also I am now married to another man and carry his last name, would I have a problem to apply now that my name has changed?

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Please help. I just got married and I did decide to hyphenate my last name with his but now I just want his last name and take mine off how do I do so? I am from California adopted in Iowa now live in Wisconsin how would I change my name back to my birth last name. Do I have to go to court for it? Hire the best hacker out there he helped tracked my missing son in the military and I found him in Afghan last year he is really the best out there contact him blackrazor protonmailcom.

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How to Change a Name Back to Maiden in Ohio | Legal Beagle

September 1, at am. McLane says:. September 6, at am. September 14, at pm. Jennifer says:. October 22, at am. Dawn says:. November 16, at am. Tabitha says:. Each name change package has a different price point. Filing fees vary depending on the type of name change.

For example, a legal name change is more expensive than a married name change because court costs are incurred. Fees also vary by state and sometimes even by county. The cost of our packages does not include filing fees. If for any reason you are not satisfied, let us know and we'll issue an immediate refund. A marriage license must be acquired, from the local courthouse in the county where you will be getting married, prior to your marriage.

This document authorizes you to get married and must be signed by the individual who marries you and a specified number of witnesses. This form must be filed with the proper county office within a few days of the marriage. A marriage certificate is a copy of the marriage license certified by your legal jurisdiction after your marriage. You will typically receive your marriage certificate a couple of weeks after filing your marriage license with your county office.

This is the document that you will use when changing your name and proving your legal married status. Your marriage certificate will be sufficient when seeking this name change. If you are trying to fill out our online order form and you are not able to hyphenate your name when buying the packet, do not worry.

Once you receive the packet, you will be able to hyphenate your last name on the official forms you will turn in. If you are seeking to take your maiden name as your middle name, you will be able to do this as a part of the married name change process in most states. California, New Jersey, New York, Ohio unless your marriage certificate shows your intended middle name , Pennsylvania, and Washington State, however, do not allow you to do this through the married name change process.

If you live in one of these states and wish to take your maiden name as your middle name, you will need to go through the legal name change process to do so. While you are able to do this, you will both have to file a legal name change to do so. Your marriage certificate does not provide a way to legally have an alternative last name through the married name change process. The only exception to this is in the state of California.

In California, you can list an alternative last name on your license that is formed from both of your previous last names. No, you will be able to use one packet for each member of your family that it relates to. Foreign marriage certificates can be used when changing your name if they are written in English and were issued by an official government authority abroad. Some recognized religious authorities can also issue marriage certificates abroad.

If you have questions about the official nature of your foreign marriage certificate, please contact your local Social Security office. No, your marriage certificate will reflect your legal maiden name at the time of your marriage. Some states provide a section on the certificate to list the name you will take after marriage but many do not. Toggle navigation. State Gov't U. Forms Firms Schools. Most courts will require that this form be completed and filed along with a Marital Settlement Agreement.

Please note that in Paragraph 5 Grounds for Divorce , the Petitoner will need to specify grounds for divorce that are recognized as valid within the State of Ohio. Ohio law recognizes only the following grounds as sufficient for granting a no-fault divorce: 1 Incompatibility, unless denied by the other spouse; or 2 living separate and apart without cohabitation and interruption for one year.