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In April , Palacios was sentenced to 32 years in prison for murder. Prosecutors charged the trio with knowingly purchasing and providing alcohol to a minor, aggravated perjury and criminal negligence. According to Texas law, being intoxicated while driving means having a BAC of 0. Regardless of the BAC, a person is considered intoxicated and driving under the influence if he or she is impaired in any way. A typical drinker can achieve that level of drunkenness from having two or three drinks in an hour.

For women and adolescents, drinking just one or two drinks in an hour may lead to a BAC of 0.

DWI in Texas is typically a misdemeanor for the first two offenses. Since September , judges in Texas have been required to order ignition interlocks for all repeat offenders or first-time offenders with a BAC of 0. On June 19, , Texas became the 25th state to pass an all-offender ignition interlock law.

It requires all people charged with DWI to have an ignition interlock installed on their vehicles in order to have their driving privileges restored following an arrest.

In June , Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed drunk driving legislation into law in an effort to save lives by providing a new incentive for first-time drunk driving offenders. HB enables first time drunk drivers with a. If they do so for six months without any violations and complete other terms of their Texas DWI sentence, a nondisclosure will be issued.

Texas has the most drunk driving fatalities in the US, MADD says

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DWI Fatality Accident in Houston, Texas

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What if I damage property in a DWI accident?

Begin a new life — call The Right Step at Texas Drunk Driving Statistics. Police collected 81 breath and 41 blood samples with consent, a total of 93 blood search warrants were issued and of DWI arrests, 78 resulted in the following enhanced charges: 2 Breath samples taken with consent with. Resources: Ramirez F. Houston Chronicle. May 22, Statesman website. Accessed June 18, Texas Department of Transportation website. State Map. Foundation for Advancing Alcohol responsibility website.

Even if it turns out the vehicle's operator isn't drunk, erratic driving can be life-threatening, regardless of the reasons behind it. Alerting the authorities could help save a life, whatever the cause of the driver impairment may be. Unfortunately, even if you know the signs of drunk driving, you may not always be able to report the driver or get out of the way in time to prevent an accident. If you are unlucky enough to suffer serious injuries in a collision caused by an impaired driver, you may wish to explore your legal options for obtaining just compensation for your injuries, medical expenses, lost wages, pain, suffering and other damages.

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How to report a drunk driver in Texas and save a life

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Abogado de Texas Jerry D. View Our Practice Areas. How to report a drunk driver in Texas and save a life Sadly, as you may be aware, Texas regularly leads the nation in DWI fatalities. How to report a drunk driver Reporting someone driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances removes that danger from the roads, keeping not only you safe but possibly countless others as well.

What will they ask for? The operator will then likely ask you for a description of the driver's behavior, which could include any of the following warning signs: Making wide turns Driving on the wrong side or in the center of the road Driving on surfaces other than a designated roadway Almost running into objects or other vehicles Weaving, swerving, or drifting in and out of a straight line Turning abruptly or illegally Following others too closely Driving slower than 10 mph below the speed limit Driving with headlights off Stopping inappropriately in a traffic lane or braking erratically Inconsistent signaling that doesn't match up to driving actions Slow response to traffic signals, including sudden stops and delayed starts While some of these signs - like making wide turns - might not mean much on their own, noticing several can be an indication that something is wrong.

Professional resources Unfortunately, even if you know the signs of drunk driving, you may not always be able to report the driver or get out of the way in time to prevent an accident.

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