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Under the current arrangement, the city as owner leases the property to the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority, which then subleases it to the federal government. He listed it under a separate parcel from the land until exemption could be sought and obtained.


Neither Toledo nor Lucas County ever sought to exempt the construction until the application for exemption that is the subject of this case. The Tax Commissioner rejected the claim of intergovernmental tax immunity for the new buildings because he determined that splitting the ownership of land and buildings was not legally possible under these circumstances. Haines , Ohio St. The private entity had constructed improvements on its parcel of nearly the same value as the National Guard improvements, but the private entity received its own tax bill.

The bills relating to the National Guard improvements went to the Port Authority. Upon receiving the tax bills that related to the National Guard improvements, the Port Authority mistook them for bills that related to the private entity's improvements and forwarded them to the private entity for payment. This procedure continued from through or , until the private entity discovered it had been paying tax each year for improvements that belonged to the National Guard, in addition to paying the tax on its own property.

It was only after this discovery that Toledo finally applied to exempt the property in March The BTA found that the Tax Commissioner had not possessed jurisdiction to consider the application and ordered that the case be dismissed for want of jurisdiction.

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Because the application on its face sought exemption for tax year , the application was untimely under R. Toledo v. McAndrew Apr. See R.

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For each year, real property tax becomes a lien on the property on January 1, and the auditor determines value and certifies the tax duplicate as of October 1, which permits calculation of the tax. Limbach , 40 Ohio St. As a result, its March application was timely.

When R. Thus, the requirement in R. This construction of the plain language then accounts for the result we reached in Olmsted Falls Bd.

Supreme Court of Ohio.

Tracy , 76 Ohio St. Cuyahoga Cty. Ottawa Cty.

To the extent that Toledo's application for exemption sought exempt status for , that application had to be filed by December 31, , to comply with the statute. Since it was not filed until March , the application was untimely as to the tax year. Therefore, the BTA acted reasonably and lawfully when it held that the Tax Commissioner had no authority to consider the application as one seeking exemption for Toledo argues that the treasurer's certification is sufficient to invoke jurisdiction for a application.

Since we have rejected Toledo's contention that the application may be entertained as one that pertains to tax year , Toledo's argument that the treasurer's certification is sufficient as to tax year is moot. The BTA held that, because the treasurer had certified payment of taxes, assessments, interest, and penalties only through tax year , the certification failed to create jurisdiction for an application that pertained to tax year In this case, Toledo filed the application with the county auditor on March 19, , and the county treasurer certified the payment of taxes and assessments as of March 26, In the second portion of the form, the treasurer affirmatively indicated that there were no unpaid taxes or assessments.

Toledo contends that this satisfies the mandate of R. First, the BTA inferred from the statement that all taxes, assessments, interest, and penalties have been paid through a certain tax year that some portion of those items has not been paid with respect to later years. If this statement stood as the only one in the certification, we might find it appropriate to predicate a dismissal for lack of jurisdiction upon drawing that kind of inference.

But the certification form's additional requirement that the county treasurer identify unpaid taxes and assessments makes an inference of nonpayment completely unjustified when, as in this case, the treasurer does not identify any taxes or assessments as being unpaid. On its face, the certification purports to state that there were no unpaid taxes or assessments, as of March 26, , that had become a lien and that remained unpaid.

We presume that a public official means what he says and that he is duly performing the function that the law calls upon him to perform.

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See State ex rel. Shafer v. MSS, 6 inches. Collection contains correspondence, newspaper articles, and assorted printed materials documenting the activities of the organization.

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See also: entries under African-Americans and Women. MSS, 9. MSS, See also: entries under Civic Interests and Municipal Government. Brady during his tenure as vice chairman of the National Organization on Disability. MSS, 0. See also: entry under Disability History. Most concern Democratic Party affairs, Toledo elections, and political issues such as relief payments and federal aid to Toledo ; aid to parochial schools ; property tax ; payroll income tax ; city government reorganization ; and township incorporation and annexation in the postwar years.

The collection includes some photographs and pamphlets. MSS, 1 linear foot. See also: entry under Women. Includes correspondence, notes, and research material. Also contains files on T. Eliot's readings on mysticism and notes regarding Ezra Pound's The Cantos. MSS, 8 linear feet. FRED H. NOTE: This collection is housed off-campus. Therefore, Canaday Center staff will require a hour advanced notice for its retrieval.

MSS, 7 linear feet. Topics include City Council, city services, community development, the National League of Cities, natural resources, planning, the Port Authority, public safety, public service, public utilities, and the Toledo Area Convention and Visitors' Bureau. MSS, 9 linear feet. These materials reflect her interest in and support of labor, women's, and environmental issues.

MSS, 40 Linear Feet.

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Gallagher was also a respected Franklin D. Roosevelt scholar. Perhaps his best-known book is FDR's Splendid Deception , which explored the former president's disability and how he hid it from the public. This collection contains correspondence, biographical and family files, Mr.

Gallagher's writings, research files, senate files, photographic material, awards, and artifacts. MSS, 13 linear feet. HUEY G. Huhn also wrote a book, Great Oaks, which provides short histories of large U. In addition, the collection contains poetry, a typescript for Great Oaks, clippings, photographs, publications, and a copy of a speech that President Kennedy was to make in Dallas the day he was assassinated. MSS, 2 linear feet. See also: entries under Business and Commerce and Glass Industry. There are also clippings form The Blade, Toledo Union Journal, and various newsletters documenting the public reception of her political activities.

See also: entries under Municipal Government and Women. His papers document his political career and consist of correspondence, legislative materials, press releases, speeches, newspaper clippings, awards, and subject files devoted to issues of ongoing political interest. See also: entry under African-Americans. JOHN P. Kennedy, and The Greatest Heritage [?